IntSaab2018 will take place from 10th to 12th of August 2018 at leisure centre “Ratnieki” which is located 12.5 km away from town Sigulda (57 km from capital Riga). The official address (in Latvian) of leisure centre "Ratnieki" is: "Ratnieki", Līgatnes pagasts, Līgatnes novads, LV - 4108. 

GPS coordinates:

57,2235042, 24,9626159

Leisure centre “Ratnieki” is a monument of cultural heritage, related to the one of the most outstanding representatives of the industrial heritage of the first independence of Latvia - the owner and director of textile factory “Rigas audums”, the mecenate of University of Latvia -  Roberts Hiršs (1895 - 1972). The leisure centre can accommodate in good comfort up to 140 guests. More information about leisure centre “Ratnieki” you can find here:  

Sigulda acquired town rights only in 1928, but the story of Sigulda as a settlement started in the beginning of 13th century. Sigulda is the Latvian capital of winter sports and there is even a bobsleigh and luge track in the town. There are many hotels and guest houses in Sigulda and in the area nearby. More about Sigulda you can find here:

Event Program (updated on 1 August 2018)

Thursday 9th of August (Biķernieki racing track event)

11.00-12.00 Arrival at Riga Motormuseum (8 S.Eizenšteina Street, Riga, LV-1079)

13.00-15.00 Guided tours of Riga Motormuseum for intsaab2018 participants

15.00 Gathering to enter race track, setting up transponders, instructions

15.30 Start of race (participants will be divided)

N.B. Helmets are mandatory and you must wear long sleeve shirts and long trousers!

19.00 End of race and departure to Hotel Minhauzena Unda and camping Jūras Priede

Participants are also welcome to spend the evenening as they wish

Friday 10th of August

15.00-19.00 Arrival of participants and Registration

19.00-22.00 BBQ party (location - Shed)

Saturday 11th of August

08.00-10.00 Breakfast for those who stay at the event place (location - Shed)

10.30 - Information about day-time activities - several SAAB-related, cultural, sporty and gastronome activities (location - near the Shed)

11.00-18.00 Day-time activities including Part's market

19.00- .....   Dinner and party (location - Shed)

Sunday 12th of August

09.00-11.00 Breakfast for those who stay at the event place (location - Shed)

09.30-13.00 Part's market

11.00-12.00 Chairman meeting

13.00 - ... Farewell, cofee & cake


We are offering you to stay in "Ratnieki" venue with options to stay in a tent or to choose a room in venue buildings.

For those who will choose tent place, there will be toilet and shower available.

For those who are willing to stay in rooms, there will be 3 houses available:

White house (Baltā māja)

2 person rooms with shared WC and shower between two rooms;

1 person room.

Stable house (Staļļa māja)

2 to 6 person rooms with WC and shower.

Gentleman's house (Kungu māja) - sorry, but fully booked

1 to 3 person rooms with WC and shower, some rooms with balcony and one LUX room.

There are also options to use hotels and guest houses in Sigulda and surrounding area:


Hotel Sigulda

SPA Hotel Ezeri


Hotel Santa


Hotel Pils




Hotel Kaķis

Parks Guest house


And of course Airbnb

For those who will choose to live outside venue we will try to organize transportation from venue to hotel or guest house if possible.

Information about Latvia and cities you may visit during your stay.

Rīga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States. It is a cultural center and home to beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town. Distance from intsaab2018 venue place (Ratnieki) to Riga is just 57 km and it is a 1 hour drive by car.

For top 10 must see places in Riga please visit

More information about Riga is available by visiting

Sigulda is a town located close (approx. 12.5 km) to the intsaab2018 event and is worth visiting. For more information please visit

Cēsis is a historical town and is the third oldest town in Latvia that was founded in 1206. Cēsis is located approx. 21 km away from the intsaab2018 venue place. For more information please visit

Līgatne is a town on the Gauja River located approx. 10,4 km from the intsaab2018 venue place. The village of Līgatne was built around the paper mill, still extant, on the River Līgatne in the 19th century. For more information please visit 

For more detailed information about thigs to do and see in Latvia during your stay please visit



We are small team but we still got some experience in organizing IntSAAB events. Somehow we did organize IntSAAB 2008 and now we are trying to do this once more.

At the moment our team consists of:

Ingus Mikuda

Normunds Kalvāns

Inesis Vimba

Edgars Strautiņš

Kristaps Čuntonovs

Arnis Pinka

Raivo Klotiņš

Valts Ceplevičs

We will add more information about every organizer, but at the moment we think that main thing which you need to know is how to contact us.

It can be done by e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It can be done by phone +371 26554460 

Crew No. Name, Surname Country Car "Biķernieki" Race Track
1 Edgars Strautins Latvia 900 Yes
  Laura Kolneja      
2 Raivo Klotins Latvia Saab 900  Yes
3 Ingus Mikuda Latvia TBD  
4 Inesis Vimba Latvia Saab99 Yes
  Beatrise Veja      
5 Normunds  Kalvans Latvia 96 V4 Yes
  Mara Kalvane      
10 Fredrik Ekendahl Sweden Saab Sport  Yes
  Gerda Persson       
11 Magnus Emilsson Sweden Sonett III Yes
12 Sven Olov Törnvall Sweden SAAB 96 De luxe  
  Ulla Törnvall      
13 Mika Riissanen Finland 9-5  
  Nina Vähämäki      
14 Gustav  Juslin Finland 9-5  
  Malin Kurkisuo      
  "Baby" Juslin/Kurkisuo      
15 Ulli Krieg Germany Saab 9-3 convertible  
  Kerstin Meyer-Krieg      
16 Jörg Mohr Germany Saab 9-3 convertible  
  Monika Buschmann      
17 Helmut Mueller-Krumb Germany 9.3 Anniversary  
  Edith Krumb      
18 Elmar Schommer Germany Saab 900 CC  
  Sandra Schommer-Leitner      
19 Kees Langejan Netherlands 9000 CD  
  Truusje Langejan-Brouwer      
20 Baumgartner Dimitri Switzerland 900 Cab Monte-Carlo  
  Demaret Frederic      
21 Luppo  Egberts Netherlands  900 2.0 Turbo 16V Cabrio Yes
22 René Falsett Germany 900  
  Ole Falsett      
  Fin Falsett      
24 Majer Beat Switzerland Saab 9-3X  
  Naula Marianne      
26 Ulf  Stensson Sweden Saab 9-3 Viggen conv  
27 Pavel Slavik Czech Republic 9000 Yes
  David Karen      
28 Hepp Carsten Germany 900  
29 Heckmann Ursula Germany 900  
30 Demuynck Nicolas Belgium Saab 900 Convertible  
  Stadeus Caroline      
32 Thorsten Eckardt Germany 900 S / Toppola  
  Nina Schwitalla      
33 Peter Braun Germany 900 Turbo S / Toppola   
  Böhm Alexandra      
34 Robert van der Linden Netherlands Saab 9-5 sportestate   
35 Tomi Virtanen Finland 9-3 cabriolet  
  Satu Virtanen      
36 Juha  Lehtonen Finland saab 900 turbo 16 cabriolet  
  Heli Vaittinen      
37 Hidden Lithuania Hidden  
38 Kasia Tereszkowska Poland 96 V4 super Yes
  Ewa Wolińska      
40 Dominik Merkle Germany 96  
  Armin Bauer      
41 Peter Gerbig Germany 900 I cabrio  
  Heidrun Böhme      
42 Elfers Dietrich Germany 900 deluxe   
  Swantje Sammann      
43 Hidden United Kingdom Hidden  
44 Christian  Dolhaniuk  Austria Saab 9.5  
45 Rick Nunnink Netherlands Saab 900 S Aero Yes
  JanWillem Hagendoorn      
47 Hans Smit Netherlands 9-3 cabrio  
  Yvon Smit      
48 Mark Gardiner Country 9-3 TTID Aero Convertible Yes
  Carol Gardiner      
49 Hidden Germany Hidden  
50 Märt  Keskküla  Estonia 900SE Yes
  Jane Lass-Keskküla       
51 Johan  van Halbeek Netherlands Sonett 3  
52 Mikko Parikka Finland 9-5  
  Briitta Pirttisalo      
53 Bohlin Ulf Sweden 96  
54 Michael Frank Germany SAAB 900 turbo Cabrio  
  Benjamin Frank      
55 Hidden Netherlands Hidden  
56 Johannes Respondek Switzerland 9 3 convertible  
  Heidi Respondek      
57 Veeger  Paul  Netherlands 900 classic convertible  (200hp)  
58 Ali Kanerva Finland Saab 900  
  Gina Terho      
59 Jörgen Björkqvist Finland 95  
  Emilia Nordling      
  Algot Björkqvist      
60 Jyrki Kivistö Finland Saab 9-3  
  Kaidi Kivistö      
62 Tommy  Mattsson Sweden saab 93   
  Torbjorn Karlsson      
63 Nauris Kalvāns Latvia 900 T16S  
64 Ralf Schumacher Germany Saab 96 GL spezial  
  Erich Schmidt      
65 Olof Ahlskog Finland SAAB 95  
66 Hidden Finland Hidden  
67 Peter  De Ketelaere Belgium 900i classic  
  Ingrid Walraevens      
68 Amaat Dejaegher Belgium 900 + Toppola  
  Elke De Smet      
69 Marc-Olivier Chavanne Switzerland 9000 turbo  
70 Nikander Carl-Eirik Finland 96 de Lux Yes
71 Jari Laakko Finland 900 lux  
72 Osama Yahia Syria SAAB 900  
73 Wim Bruil Netherlands 9-3 Viggen Convertible Yes
74 Gundars Krūklāns Latvia 9-5  
75 Jan Ola Olsson Country SAAB 900 2,1  
76 Haverkamp Kees Netherlands 9-3 or the Estate or the Cabrio  
  Lamberts Anneke      
77 Tero Setälä Finland 96  
  Ossi Setälä      
78 Iain  Hodcroft United Kingdom Saab 9.5 2.0l estate  
  Susan Mallon      
  Amy Hodcroft      
79 Christian Töpfer Germany 900  
  Nicole Taudtmann      
80 Hidden Latvia Hidden  
81 Guldbrandsen Margrit Switzerland 93 Sport Combi  
  Berguich Iris      
82 Akseli Larsson Finland 9,3  
  Jorma Larsson      
84 Hidden Lithuania Hidden  
85 Tomasz Szwejkowski Poland Saab 99  
  Wojciech Szwejkowski      
86 Mikael Isaksson Sweden 99 Yes
  Dorte Rasmussen      
  Erik Isaksson      
  Oskar Isaksson      
87 Jan Broeksma Netherlands Saab 9000  
  Jutta Lewien      
88 Peder Andersen Sweden Saab 900 aero Yes
  Jenny Torby      
89 Koopman Emile Netherlands Saab 99  
  Frits Koopman       
90 Trevor Oxley United Kingdom 9-3 TiD   
91 Jochem van Eldik  Netherlands 900 S   
  Hans van Eldik       
92 Andreas De Haas Netherlands Saab 900 GLE  
  Maria Rodenburg      
93 Tilling Jan-Olov Tilling Sweden Saab 96  
  Annika Engström      
94 Arne Andersén Sweden SAAB Sport  
  Lilian Andersén      
95 Thom  Vos Netherlands Saab 9-5 NG  
96 Tobias Gebauer Germany 9000  
  Katharina Diekmann      
  Michael Poltz      
97 Casper Ankersen Denmark SAAB 9-3  
98 Lars Hyldegaard Denmark Saab 9-3  
99 Heikki Tsupari Finland SAAB 900 OG 2.1 aut 5d  
  Seija Tsupari      
100 Derek Best United Kingdom SAAB 96 two stroke  
  Jan Best      
101 Teemu Remes Finland 95  
  Jani Heiskanen      
102 Jyrki Korpinen Finland Saab 96  
  Tanja korpinen      
  Matti laine      
  Henna laine      
103 Pilger Klaus Germany Saab 95 Yes
  Olga Pilger      
104 Krister  Jalakas Sweden Saab 9-5 NG  
  Beri Jalakas      
105 Johan Beikes Netherlands 9-3 Cabrio  
  Claudia Tebes      
106 Lionel Thatcher United Kingdom 9000 Carlsson  
  Sally Thatcher      
107 Andrus Aaving Estonia 900 classic convertible Yes
  Eva Valing      
108 Graham Light Light United Kingdom 9-5  
  Graham Light      
109 Andris Norītis Latvia SAAB c900 Aero Convertible  
110 Varis Klotiņš Latvia 9-5 Wagon  
111 Vesa Nurminen Finland Saab NG9-5 Hirsch Yes
  Joonas Nurminen       
112 Hidden Finland Hidden  
113 Hidden Germany Hidden  
114 Hidden Switzerland Hidden  
115 Jacek Kolodziejczyk Poland 90  
  Małgorzata Zak      
  Anna Kolodziejczyk      
116 Eirik Arne Eliassen Norway Saab 900 Cabriolet  
  Elin Andreassen      
117 Ulf Fjeldberg Norway 90  
  Sølvi Fjeldberg      
118 Hidden Germany Hidden Yes
119 Hidden Germany Hidden  
120 Marcin Gabrowski Poland 9-5NG v6 Aero  
  Agnieszka Bohosiewicz-Gabrowska      
  Julia Gabrowska      
  Joanna Gabrowska      
121 Tom Eidesen Norway 9-5 Estate  
122 Martin  Bergstrand Sweden Saab to be defined Yes
123 Romans Koreškovs Latvia 9-3 Griff Yes
  Anastasija Koreškova      
124 Hidden Hungary Hidden Yes
125 Bjørn Palerud Norway 95  
  Mette H Palerud      
  Karianne Palerud      
126 Beth  Hodcroft United kingdom hire  
  Daniel Lowe      
127 Thorsten Dzaak Germany Saab 900 ep  
128 Matti Lehtola Finland 96 V-4  
  Katariina Lehtola      
129 Polk  Bram Belgium 96  
  Polk Andrea      
  Adriaenssens Renilda      
130 Marek Keerand Estonia 9-3 Aero xwd  
131 Janne Salonen Finland 900 Turbo  
  Aino Aaltonen      
132 Dimitrii Fedorov  Russia SAAB 96  
  Elena Fedorova      
133 Rossi Charel Luxembourg 9-3 CV  
  Rossi Ben      
134 Igor Vinogradov Latvia 9000 Anniversary Yes
135 Phillip Sachsenhofer Austria 900  
  Katrin Aflenzer      
136 Carlos Sanz Spain 900i Yes
  Maria Torres      
137 Jean-Pierre Van Sinderen Netherlands 9-3 Sport Sedan Aero  
  Gert-Jan Arijjansen      
138 Anders Kyynarainen Finland Saab 9-3  
  Pii Kyynarainen      
139 Johan Bekkers Belgium Saab 95  
140 Jan Morbech Norway Saab 9-5  
  Inger Ødegaard      
141 Mikko Taponen Finland 9000 Jubilee 2.3t  
142 Andrey Zverev Russia  SAAB 900 OG  
143 Vasilijs Djačuks Latvia Saab 9000   
144 Lasse Torsson Sweden 900T Yes
  Laila Secher      
145 Arnis Staltmanis Latvia 99  
146 Geoff Hodges United Kingdom 900i Classic  
  Becky Hayden      
  George Hodges      
147 Gatis  Krūmiņš Latvia SAAB 900   
148 Zilvinas Martisius Lithuania 96 or 9-3 Yes
  Ruta Martisiene      
149 David Nameri Israel rented  
150 Hc Thing Denmark saab 96  
  Rita Kobæk      
151 Hidden Latvia Hidden