IntSaab2018 will take place from 10th to 12th of August 2018 at leisure centre “Ratnieki” which is located 12.5 km away from town Sigulda (57 km from capital Riga). More info on program can be found here.

In 2018 Latvian SAAB club celebrates its 20th anniversary. Latvian SAAB club is the oldest car club dedicated to one specific car brand - only the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia is older (it was established in 1972). Latvian SAAB club was founded on 8 March 1998 by 12 SAAB enthusiasts. Despite the tiny number of club members, through the years they have been very active at participating in International SAAB club meetings and rarely there has been an event without representatives of Latvian SAAB club. Moreover, already once - in 2008 Latvian SAAB club was a host to International SAAB club meeting.

2018 will be special not only for Latvian SAAB club, but also for Latvian state - it will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Latvia is a member of EU and has joined also Schengen Treaty and EU Monetary Union - there is no border control on the Latvian-Estonian and Latvian-Lithuanian borders and the currency used is euro. More about Latvia you will find here: